Study Modules

Study modules are trainings formed from the study courses of the Bachelor or Masters degrees and are related to a current theme, phenomenon or skill needed in working life.

By completing the study module, you can

  • supplement your skills to meet the changed skills requirements of working life
  • improve your employment opportunities
  • get new skills that you can use to advance to new or more demanding jobs
  • develop your business

Study modules make it possible to update competence in less time than a complete degree. We also offer modules with which you can supplement your previous university of applied sciences degree and qualify for a specific position.

Modules can be completed flexibly alongside work, and most of the study courses included in the modules can also be completed individually. The trainings do not lead to a degree, but you will receive a certificate of completion. Studies can be credited if you are selected as a degree student at Humak.

Most of the study modules are open to anyone interested, but check the previous skills or studies that may be required in the description of the module in the online store. We offer study modules of different scopes. 1 ECTS corresponds to approximately 27 hours of student work. For example, completing a total of 30 credits requires about 100 working days.

Who are study modules suited for?

Study modules suited for those of you who want to update, supplement or deepen your skills, change fields or advance to new or more demanding tasks.

Humak Study Modules in English

Enrollment period for COSM module is open. (Link work only when enrollment period is open.)

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