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Humak’s Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) offers various courses for developing different skills. Open UAS courses are available for everyone, they are well suited for people interested in higher education, people looking to supplement their skill sets or people thinking of a career change. Many of the Open UAS courses can be completed as flexible online studies.

You can attend single courses or larger study modules comprised of multiple courses. The courses are part of our Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree studies. You can also study introductory courses or pathway studies leading up to a degree. Open UAS studies are available for everyone despite previous education or age.

Open UAS Studies at Humak

  • Serve as introductory studies to the fields of cultural manager, interpreter and community education.
  • Help develop professional skill sets
  • Are useful if you’re looking to apply as a Humak degree student, Open UAS studies are eligible to be credited as part of a degree
  • Course credits may be beneficial during joint application
  • Courses are suited for people interested in developing their skills, those having a gap year or people interested in our degree programmes

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