Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts 5 ECTS, Summer 2023

On this course, students will familiarize themselves with the basic ideas, concepts, frame of reference, and principles of Adventure Education. In adventure education, the focus is on experiential, activity- and adventure-based methods and processes, which are targeted to support and promote the growth, development, learning, wellbeing, and agency of individuals, groups, and communities. Adventure education can be implemented by an educator, instructor, teacher, or therapist, and can be applied in early education, youth work, schools and colleges, and rehabilitation.

On the course, students will acquire knowledge about Adventure Education as a pedagogical approach. The course is part of the degree programme curriculum in Adventure and Outdoor Education, Community Educator (Bachelor of Humanities), at Humak University of Applied Sciences. However, this particular course is open for everyone interested in Adventure Education, and it sheds light on Adventure Education both in the context of Community Educator Studies and in general. The course is well suited especially for students in the fields of Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities.


  • Basics of adventure education
  • Meaning of adventure education in preventive work, in supporting the growth and development of individuals and groups, in promoting personal engagement, in reinforcing the sense of community, and in promoting well-being
  • Multiple fields of adventure education, such as youth work, organisational work, education, well-being services, nature- and adventure-based entrepreneurship

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Studies Open University of Applied Sciences
Method of instruction Online course
Study period 31.05.2023 – 18.08.2023
Schedule and teaching methods This is a self-paced online course which means that you can study the content at your own pace and schedule, within the above mentioned study period. The course includes several assignments, quizzes and the final exam.

The quizzes will help you to test your learning of the topics and the final exam will form your course grade. Course must be completed within study period.

Registration period 1.8.2022-22.5.2023 at 23:59:00 (EET)
Contact person Miia Riihimäki (
General information Contact Open UAS student administration for matters regarding registration, payment, certificates:
tel. +358 29 451 9230


After the completion of the course, students

  • are familiar with the foundation and competency basis of adventure education
  • recognise the potential and applicability of adventure education
  • are familiar with the professional field of adventure education

”Very clear and good information about theories behind outdoor adventure education. All the material was well constructed and easy to read.”

”The materials were the best! I have to seek out these publications and add them to my collection. They really familiarized me with the academic side of the subject, and provided an overview of the theoretic framework and current research.”

”I enjoyed how the course was organized well and how the quizzes were a good way to check your learning.”

”The course itself is well planned and assembled. I like that there are multiple readings and sources such as videos and articles. I also found useful that there were practice quizzes in the modules.”