Basics of business management 5 ECTS, Autumn 2022

In this course you will study with an online team and build your own business plan and learn about entrepreneurship. This course is for you who want to know the basics of business management. You will learn a lot about entrepreneurship.

The course themes are:
1. Me as an entrepreneur
2. Business idea
3. Customers
4. Product/service
5. Profitability and pricing
6. Competitors
7. Sales and marketing
8. Economic planning, taxation and accounting
9.Permits and insurance
10. Forms of entrepreneurship

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Studies Open University of Applied Sciences
Method of instruction Online course
Study period 13.10.2022 – 31.12.2022
Schedule and teaching methods In this course you will study with an online team and build your own business plan and learn about entrepreneurship. There will be three webinars with themes (marketing, customers, business idea..), but the study team will meet weekly and work together. Everyone will complete the online course individually but with the support of other participants. It is more fun to study together! The course includes several assignments, three webinars and team working.


  • 13.10.2022 at 14-16.30
  • 26.10.2022 at 12-15
  • 12.12.2022 at 12-15

Team working during 13.10 – 12.12.

Registration period 1.8.2022-3.10.2022 at 23:59:00 (EET)
Contact person Jenny Honka (

Satu Riikonen (

General information Contact Open UAS student administration for matters regarding registration, payment, certificates:
tel. +358 29 451 9230


After the completion of the course, students

  • are able to choose a suitable type of entrepreneurship and revenue logic for themselves and their business ideas
  • are able to draft a realistic business plan
  • know how to start and manage a business