Swedish for beginners 1, 5 op/ECTS, autumn 2021

Students familiarise themselves with the most common Swedish phrases and learn basic vocabulary and grammar to be able to manage everyday situations in Swedish. The course establishes the foundation for studying the Swedish language.

The course is a complete beginner’s course in Swedish offered online at the students own pace. It covers interactive, both oral and written activities and small assignments.

No earlier Swedish studies required. 

Why Study at Humak Open University of Applied Sciences?

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Studies Open UAS
Method of instruction Online course
Language of instruction English
Study period 13.09.2021 – 28.11.2021
Schedule Self-paced online course. Assignments must be completed within study period. There is one voluntary online contact teaching session on 28th of September at 14.00-16.00. 
Registration deadline 02.09.2021 klo 23:59:00
Contact person Hanna-Kaisa Hokkanen till 31st of August

Taru Kemiläinen (firstname.lastname@humak.fi) from 1st of September


Intended learning outcomes


  • identify and understand simple and short Swedish words and sentences spoken at a tranquil pace.
  • identify and understand simple and short words and sentences in written Swedish.
  • are able to produce a moderate number of simple and short words and sentences in both spoken and written Swedish.
  • manage simple discussions and everyday situations in Swedish.