Volume! – My learning path 5 ECTS, 2023-2025

Our Volume! – Empowering Solo Entrepreneurs through Global Readiness programme offers creative sector entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills online, independently and collaboratively. You can choose from among our course offerings to select the training modules and coaching sessions that are just right for you.

Register for the programme by enrolling in the free Volume! – My Learning Path module. On completion, you will be awarded credit for our Career Planning module (5ECTS).

In this module, you will have the opportunity to:

  • identify your own learning needs
  • formulate your personal skills development path
  • choose the training modules that align with your chosen path
  • enhance your studies with optional group coaching sessions
  • network and engage in peer learning with your fellow entrepreneurs

Our Hoodle learning platform brings together the whole Volume! programme in one place. There you will find tools for developing your skills and knowledge. You will find advice, training modules and the group coaching sessions as well as resources for supporting small enterprise, covering topics such as wellbeing and how to be a boss.

Studies Open University of Applied Sciences
Method of instruction Online course
Study period 01.09.2023-31.01.2025
Schedule and teaching methods

You can study this module wherever and whenever you want. The module must be completed by the final programme date. You will begin by identifying your own learning needs and formulating a personal skills development plan via the Moodle platform.

The monthly group coaching sessions – online discussions – are optional.

The timetable for guidance and group coaching sessions will be published on the course platform.

Registration period 01.06.2023-31.10.2024 at 23:59:00
Contact person Leena Janhila (leena.janhila@humak.fi, +358 400 349 397)
General information Contact Open UAS student administration for matters regarding registration, payment, certificates:
tel. +358 29 451 9230

The Volume! programme is designed to prepare solo entrepreneurs in the creative sector for business and sustainable entrepreneurship in the international environment.

A cornerstone of the programme is Volume! – My Learning Path, which challenges participants to explore and identify their own professional learning needs in relation to changing markets and business environments.

Participants formulate their own skills development pathway, evaluate their own learning and engage in networking and peer learning with others.

Volume! – My Learning Path is based on our Career Planning (5ECTS) module. The course objectives of this module are as follows:

Students will develop:

  • the ability to plan, advance and evaluate their professional career path
  • the skills to identify factors influencing wellbeing at work and to promote wellbeing
  • an awareness of the professional contexts, working practices and networks of their field
  • their capacity to participate in development and advocacy within their field
  • familiarity with career planning approaches and resources.